163′52″ Oceanfast Yacht


The main goals  for 163′52″ Oceanfast Yacht  were to  complete the work schedules requested by the yacht owner including the air condition system where the air compressors were out of work on the automatic mode during running, finding the root of the problem of the sea water pump, replacing the UPS device as the former one was defective, assetting the trouble about the tender boat engine of the 163′52″ Oceanfast Yacht, etc. West Istanbul Marina Technical Services qualified and skilled team had already prepared with over many years  experiences. With dedication, customer-center approach, technical services team  was focused on the projects and they ensured the works were completed to schedule and meets the high standarts required. As  this was the first time for 163′52″ Oceanfast Yacht  regarding the refit in the West Istanbul Marina, an intensive planning and having a strong focus on excellence in customer service coupled with a strategic direction of continuous quality improvement  assisted to accomplish  this remarkably outstanding project.Many mehanical systems had expired and required replacing that was why work schedule included the works setting up the air compressors of the air condition system ,changing the UPS device as to matching the criteria in terms of the technical details and sea water pump at engine room as well. Additionally, after checking and controlling the engine in detailed of the tender boat, the main problem was found by the West Istanbul Marina Technical Service professional experts, immediately afterwards   the yacht received a new fuel pump, ignition coil and check valve for the tender boat oh the 163′52″ Oceanfast Yacht with respect to the solution.

Thanks to efficient plannig and teamwork, West Istanbul Marina Technical Services Department delivered the worklist  on time and was completed without any doubt.After this truly remarkable project, we believe that always there will be a strong bond between West Istanbul Marina and magnificent, georgeus and outstanding-design  163′52″ Oceanfast Yacht .