80' Wim Van der Valk Continental II 


This recent REFIT project was completed at WEST ISTANBUL MARINA’s technical services department on an 80' Wim Van der Valk Continental II. This project required precise consideration of every detail.

After this megayacht was pulled out, all eyes turned to it. All it lines sparked comments and even debates about her styling. But her paint was in terrible condition. That is why owners wanted to renew paint on the yacht. Originally the process began mundanely enough with scaffolding and tarps, the scaffolding providing access so that painters and workers can reach every part of the yacht and the tarps protecting (mostly) the yacht, from the elements. First, temperature, dust control and ventilation, then preparation of boat for the painting.

The hull surface has to be as smooth as is humanly possible, and that means backbreaking labor — hundreds of hours. Painting Works comes only after all the prep work comes the paint. The key to a shiny, head-turning paint job is controlling all the details. To do that WEST ISTANBUL MARINA’s technical services team kept a close eye on the all work processes. That is why we provide the highest level of quality and service.

And when the paint is done, everyone understands that it was worth the efforts. It body sparkles the glint of sunlight gides over the ideal surface and from the pulsations that it produce as it moves, ready to roll its heads in the harbor around the world.

Besides this WEST ISTANBUL MARINA’s technical services perfomed a wide list of works on the vessel, such as sanding the teak, chainging and modification the upholstery and carpet, major engine and generator services, electronics upgrades etc.

As always, we make sure that quality and value are at the forefront of everything we do for our customers.  We are very happy, that  WEST ISTANBUL MARINA’s expert team had chance to restore this vessel into new pieces of beauty.