Ferretti 960


We pride ourselves on offering a superior antifouling service for the Ferretti 960  which has been  completed recently at West Istanbul Marina. All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and our follow up support is the second to none.

We as West Istanbul Marina Technical Services Department  are aware of that an excellent quality antifouling is  the key on the road to perfection .With this conscious and motto, to accomplish unerring  equilibrium in the variable conditions regarding the tempreature, humidity,etc.  processes have been practiced over many years. As soon as  she placed on the dock, West Istanbul Marina Technical Services painter workes started the preparations for the antifouling paint.After the underneath was sanded meticulously, two coats antifouling were applied precisely under the control of the technical supervisors.  In believe our high quality knowladge and experience, West Istanbul Marina Technical Services team have comprehensive knowledge of the not only antifouling paint system but all the rest works included in the refit list  as gelcoat repair and pasta polish for the Ferretti 960. The first time she arrived marina, she was in ghastly situation as there were a substantial number of the local places regarding the gelcoat repairing. At first , all necessary preparations and local places were marked and the working schedule was planned. Faithfully to the schedule and thanks to the West Istanbul Marina Technical Services team who efforted closely , repairing process of the gelcoat places now just like the original and glossy. During the gelcoat repairing,  every works done re-checked and controlled by the technical services supervisors. That is the one of the most crucial  point how we care our  job and service 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers.Besides, polishig the hull process  was completed as well by the expert team of the West Istanbul Marina Technical Services.

After all refit works done, it was increadible for us as West Istanbul Marina Technical Services team to see yacht owner satisfaction. We will be very pleased to see you next time Ferretti 960 for refit works.