Ilyas Korkmaz - Technical Services Manager

Ilyas is a naval architect, he graduated from Istanbul Technic University.
With over 15 years experience within the Marine industry, he gets a vast
knowledge of marina operations. Ilyas day by day has driven our team to
provide the highest level of quality and service. His engineering talent
enables our team to be innovative and any problem solves at each project.

Gorkem Yilmazer - Yacht Technical Services Chief

Gorkem is a mechanical engineer. He started his working life in Ford
Technical Services as the technical supervisor in 2008. The second step was Mercedes Technical Services. Since 2011 year, he works well with us.
Gorkem coordinates and manages yachts repairs and maintenance works. Gorkem is responsible for ensuring all projects are completed, on time, on budget and to the highest quality. He is very professional and customer oriented technical services chief.

Aleksandra Podlipna - Mega Yacht Technical Services 

Aleksandra is a naval architect, graduated from Ukrainian National
University of Shipbuilding. She has started her professional life as a
Technic Equipment Engineer in POSS Torola design company in Ukraine,
later gained experience as a Technical Manager Assistant at the Yatlift yard in Bodrum. Today with her vast marine experience Aleksandra embraces even the most ambitious re-fit projects and enjoys seeing an owners vision come to fruition.

Ozan Aydemir - Mega Yacht Technical Services Supervisor

Ozan is a mechanical engineer, graduated from Istanbul Aydin University.
Ozan just joined our team, but already oversees all aspects of the marina,
refit work and project management. With his dedicated, customer-centric
approach, Ozan is focused on the quality of all projects. He ensures the
work is completed to schedule and meets the high standards required.

Adnan is a naval architect, graduated from Istanbul Technical University.
About one year ago he joined our dynamic, fast growing international team and already ensures the safety and high-quality refit process for all vessels.
Adnan has a strong focus on excellence in customer service coupled with a strategic direction of continuous quality improvement.

Yaşar is a mechanical engineer, graduated from Karadeniz Technical University. Yaşar recently became part of our team, but already successfully applies theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solution of engineering problems. With his passionate about his work, Yasar has a steady source of motivation that drives him to do his best. He's a highly organized and results-oriented specialist, constantly checking in with the quality of the most crucial of all the variables contributing to the realization of departmental goals and objectives.

Zafer Durgun - Technical office responsible

Zafer is our youngest specialist, but he coordinates work of all our technical office.

He ensures our team follow the correct procedures, policies and documentation requirements across project phases. He has a good interpersonal and customer care skills and very good accurate records keeping.

Hasan Durgun – 700t Travelift Operator

Hasan is a travelift operator with experience in operation of 700t travelift. With over 30 years experience within the marine industry he had chance to work in different marinas in Turkey and Libya. Hasan is a team captain and safety engineer of a multi-million dollar machine. He is brave, ambitious and passionate in everything he do. He are responsible for helping our team succeed in the safe and efficient lift in/out operations of the Mega and Super yachts.

Ahmet Sutlu – 75t Travelift Operator

Ahmet is a professional operator. He started his working life as a vinch operator and worked on this position more than 20 years. After years working with different machines, Ahmet decided to take his goal in marine industry. He is a focused and appropriately experienced person to provide a good and safe service at West Istanbul Marina. We are lucky that such kind high skilled 75t travelift operator works with us.